Semco Sign and Display Rotators

We add motion to your products -Semco sign and display rotators

Trade show rotating display
From compact displays up to 600 lbs
Semco Outdoor Sign Rotators
To Signs and displays weighing thousands of pounds

Have you ever thought “If people just saw what we do, what we offer, what we make, they would love us.”

If you need people need to find you and you are competing in a busy world around you then give yourself an advantage. Add motion to your sign, display, banner, or products you have to offer.  

Attract more people who are looking for what you have to offer so you have a chance to inform them.

Semco Motion Products display rotators
In house machining

Designed, machined, welded and assembled at our facility in Mountain Green, Utah  USA.  For our customers around the world.

Built by Larsen Mfg / Semco

Semco Display Turntables
Welded steel parts

If you are looking for a way to bring more attention to your signs and displays then we can help you. This because we make it simple to add a new dimension to your product line. Imagine expanding your capabilities and at the same time drawing your audiences’ attention to your own product line. To illustrate, by simply adding a display rotator between your power source and your display, you have a new and improved product. Consider adding rotation to your displays so more people will notice your signs and displays over the competition.

Our turntables and display rotators are both affordable and dependable because of our designs and expertise.  So focus on building your products and trust them to Semco. Make your amazing signs and displays even better and see why sign and display companies have depended on Semco for over 60 years to provide them with safe and reliable products. 

Features of Semco Rotators

Our rotators fill a wide. Range of displays from 10 to 10,ooo lb capacities

We make both indoor and outdoor models

We offer multiple ways to mount and turn your display

You can rotating power, audio, dmx signals, and others

We offer customized machining and fabrication

custom machined slip ring assemblies and parts

Our simple design makes our rotators both dependable and affordable

We use heavy steel frames and reliable steel roller bearings

Our proven design has been used in industry for 60+ years

How Our Customers Use Semco Rotators

All sizes of indoor and outdoor signs

trade shows, store displays, Christmas trees,

windmills, tire rotators, animated displays

hanging signs, LCD monitors, lighting 

speed control turntables, parade floats,

industrial and commercial machines,

welding fixtures, oscillating displays

wall displays, multi-rotation displays

motorcycles and ATV displays

DMX speed and direction