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Accessories for Outdoor Sign Rotators

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Accessory Description and Pricing

Semco rotator accessories save time and money when you install your sign and they help protect the rotator too. Some of these accessories are required for safe installations.

The most common accessories include steel louver covers, companion matching plates sized to your sign pole diameter, and split- plate roller assemblies built to match the sign pole diameter. 

Louver covers keep out water and allow for ventilation to keep the motor from overheating. These covers are easily removed for routine maintenance.

Companion matching plates fit the turntable plate of the rotator. These typically include four threaded studs welded to the plates to fit into the through holes of the rotator’s turntable and base plates. Depending on your installation you will use one of two of these plates.

Split-plate rollers mount at the base of Figure 1 rotators to support the lower part of the sign when wind pushes against the sign. These only contact the sign pole when pushed by the wind. These are typically used on the larger outdoor signs.

Most Common Outdoor Rotator Accessories

  • Steel louver covers keep out water on T-model rotators exposed to weather. Some F-Model rotators with U-channel frames that also get exposed to weather accept these covers too.
  • Split-plate rollers work with Semco’s Figure-1 sign installations with the rotator mount in the top of the sign. These roller plates work as bumpers and support the lower section of the sign in windy conditions.
  • Companion matching plates fasten the rotator to the pole to attach the sign to the rotator’s turntable plate. Studs welded to the plates match the rotator drilling and eliminate the need for bolts. These matching plates give you a flat mounting surface that matches the drilling in the turntable plates. Simply lower the sign with rotator inside down on top of the welded matching plate studs.
Companion Matching PlatesCost Each
Standard plate up to 5" Pipe$70.00
Gusseted plate up to 4" Pipe$95.00
Plate With studs up to 8" Pipe$95.00
Gusseted plate with studs up to 8"$145.00
Plate with studs 10" and 12" pipe$175.00
Gusseted plate with studs up to 12" pipe$225.00
Split Plate Roller AssemblyCost Each
4" Pipe$165.00
5" Pipe$180.00
6" Pipe$195.00
8" Pipe$225.00
Heavy Duty Split Plate AssemblyCost Each
8" Pipe$280.00
10" Pipe$330.00
12" Pipe$375.00
14" Pipe$405.00
16" Pipe$480.00
18" Pipe$575.00