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Compact Display Turntables

Add motion to your displays

Semco compact display turntables add motion to your products, displays, and signs.

The word “compact” is of course relative, our compact turntables may seem huge compared to POP display motors.  And at the same time, tiny compared to outdoor sign rotators or what we call revolving units. To us, these are small compared to some of the huge outdoor sign rotators that may weigh a hundred times more than our compact models.

Built primarily for indoor signs and displays, we sometimes modify these for smaller outdoor signs that don’t have room for larger framed sign rotators. Our product line includes several size rotator models and include options for speed range, turntable plate size and shape, and with slip ring assemblies for rotating power as well. 

These small turntables are used to turn many products, signs, displays, and whatever else you want to turn that weigh under 600 lbs. Our customers include not just sign or display companies, but anyone who advertises physical products, or wants to attract viewers by adding motion to their products. 

To best determine the size rotator we typically start with the overall weight, then the size and shape of what needs to be turned. You always want your rotating object to be balanced when possible. Balanced displays will put less drag on the motor and bearings thus providing a longer life of the moving parts. Depending on the size and shape of the display we may recommend going with a larger rotator with a higher torque motor. 

The best way to start is to call or email us and give us an idea of what you want to create and we can guide you from there. We love hearing back from customers who are so excited when they see their display moving and lighting up and getting so much attention. 

Balanced Loads

Un-Balanced Loads

If the center of gravity is directly over the center of the rotator’s turntable plate then choose a rotator with a higher weight capacity load than display weight. 

If you need rotating power for your display the rotator will need a 3-wire slip ring assembly. 

We recommend you use rotators with steel covers if the rotator is not enclosed in a cabinet or housing. Those bright shiny rings and brushes carry electricity and are a shock hazard. 

For hanging displays be sure to let us know so we can equip rotator for the intended loads. 

Indoor displays come in all sizes so we make several sizes of rotators. Weight capacity is important but top heavy or unbalanced loads will effect the life of the rotator. The placement of the rotator in relation to the load is important for trouble free rotation. Factors to consider:

  • Balance – balanced loads are essential for meeting the load rating of the rotator. It is better to add counterweight than to have a lighter display that is out of balance.
  • Top heavy loads – produce side loading that increases as the height increases. 
  • Eccentric loading will have the effect of a heavier load. 
  • Drag – adding rollers to help support the load also add drag that works against the rotator’s motor. 
Please consult with us and let us know when ordering if your project will include any of the following conditions:


  • Windmills – Vertically mounted displays
  • Wind, weather, humidity
  • Water features
  • Overhead installations above people
  • Installations in crowded environments
  • Drag – such as extra bearings
  • Casters, rollers, etc
  • Live loads such as platforms with people
  • Hanging loads
  • Extreme temperatures and weights
Types of Compact Rotators
Compact display turntables make your displays move
Compact hard-wired
display rotator plug and play
Plug and play
Trade show display turntable
Trade show & Chandelier
Compact turntables for signs and displays
Hi Torque T130 Series
Semco Video Turntables
DMX controlled Compact turntables add motion
DMX speed and direction

Please contact us if you have questions using or installing our compact rotators.