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DMX Control Speed and Direction

DMX controlled Compact turntables add motion
DMX controlled rotator
Control turntable speed and direction with your DMX control system

What is DMX? Think of the Christmas light and sound displays of houses that are synchronized and controlled by computers.  Large DMX slider boards you see at concerts are used by professionals to control lights, lasers, speakers, fog, etc. 

DMX512 is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects.

DMX allows you to use computers or DMX control boards to control multiple lights, lasers, fog machines, motors, etc that are connected (daisy chained) to a DMX cable. Each light or object controlled by DMX has a unique address and a small signal can be sent to any object that is connected to the cable.

Our rotators, when equipped with DMX have in/out connectors and an address board and control. Speed and direction are now controlled by the DMX signal. DMX Pass through is possible too so you can control other DMX objects both down line or connected to your rotating display. You now have a rotating DMX line split off the main line that will control any address connected to your rotating display.

DMX controlled speed and direction is available using an internal control board that uses two DMX channels. Options include rotating electrical power and DMX splitter to pass the signal to lights, motors, and other addressed fixtures being rotated. DMX rotators come standard with suspension eyebolts or Chesboro clamps, louver covers, rotating eye or turntable plate. Internal PC board has addressing DIP switches

Custom made to suit your project

DMX rotators are custom made and pricing will vary based on the features you require. Most of our rotators can be equipped with DMX speed and direction as well as pass through. Not just hanging rotators but floor mount models can also be equipped with these controls.