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F-Model Outdoor Figure 1 Rotators

F-Model rotators mount inside the sign so they are not visible and are protected from weather when installed inside an enclosed in sign. Figure 1 models are usually used on the largest and tallest signs due to the mounting location inside the sign. Rather than the rotator shaft and frame, the sign pole takes the wind loading.
Semco F-model inside the sign rotating units
Semco Turntables and rotators
F-Model Rotator with frame

Figure 1 Rotator Sizing Chart

ModelMax Sign area Sq ft
Max Sign WeightMax Sign Length
FS Fig140 sq ft / 12 sq m350 lbs / 160kg8ft / 8.43m
FM Fig 175 sq ft / 23 sq m750 lbs / 340kg12ft / 3.65m
FL Fig 1150 sq ft / 45 sq m1000 lbs / 454kg15ft / 4.5m
FG200 Fig 1150 sq ft / 45 sq m1500 lbs / 680kg15ft / 4.5m
FG243 Fig 1200 sq ft / 61 sq m2000 lbs / 907kg20ft / 6m
FG293 Fig 1200 sq ft / 61 sq m2500 lbs / 1134kg20ft / 6m

To determine size, choose a rotator below the maximum sign area and weight. If you are in a high wind area let us know and we can provide a higher torque drive system. 

When bolted to the sign pole the center shaft does not move. The sign frame is bolted or welded to the rotator base (an/or optional U-channel frame). 

Semco sign rotator frame dimensions

Figure 1 Dimensions

FS4 1/8"2 1/4"13 5/8"24"8"
FM4 1/2"2 1/4"13 5/8"24"8
FL4 5/8"2 3/8"14 7/830"8
FG-2005"2 3/8"14 7/8"30"8
FG-2435 1/2"2 5/8"16 3/8"30"10"
FG-2436 3/4"2 5/8"16 3/8"30"10"