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Ideas on how to use and install Semco Rotators

Rotator installation ideas
  1. Wall mount
  2. Bolted to ceiling with rotating plate
  3. Trade show type rotator with rotating turntable plate
  4. Trade show type rotator with rotating eyebolt
  5. Double rotating in opposite directions. Top rotator powers bottom rotator / sign
  6. Double output rotator, double rotation. Lighting for upper sign and rotator powered by lower rotator
  7. Double output rotator, stationary top sign. Wires to power top sign pass through rotator
  8. Rotator inside sign, upside down. Sign attached to rotator frame
  9. Rotator mounted on pole, sign attached to turntable plate
  10. Typical turntable where rotator is hidden inside enclosure. Table and enclosure turn.

Here are a few examples showing how revolving displays are typically powered. Our compact rotators are designed for all position rotation. Different sized rotators can be combined to make a unique and memorable displays that stand out and attract attention.

For indoor installations start by selecting the compact rotator with the necessary weight capacity. Please call us if you have any questions or just want to confirm you have the correct rotator model. If you need rotating power, specify the number of rings you need. Most rotators have three rings, one for each wire in the power cord. If you need additional circuits of rotating power you can add additional rings.