Indoor Rotator Pricing - USD

Indoor Rotator Pricing - USD

Semco compact display turntables add motion to your products
Compact Rotators

Compact Rotators up to 600 lbs / 272kg

Without accessories, usually hard-wired inside display

The standard rotation speed on fixed speed models is 2 rpm. Pricing may vary for other speeds.

ModelDescriptionMax WgtNo Rotating
rotating Power
T63Fixed speed100lb / 45kg$330.00$400.00
T63-3 DODouble output100lb / 45kg*NA$460.00
T100-5C Compact RotatorFixed speed300lb / 136kg$400.00$490.00
T100-5C Variable Speed RotatorVariable Speed300lb / 136kg$680.00$785.00
T100-5C DODouble output300lb / 136kg*NA$700.00
T125-5X Compact RotatorFixed speed & direction600lb / 272kg$580.00$680.00
T125 Induction MotorsFixed speed, reversible600lb / 272kg$680.00$795.00
T125-5X VS DOReversible Double Output600lb / 272kg*NA$1000.00
T125 Variable Speed TurntablesVariable speed600lb / 272kg$860.00$955.00

Note on variable speed rotators -these models use a special motor-controller combination. You cannot connect a dimmer switch to change speed. Dimmer switches will damage the motors

T130 Series High Torque Rotators  (heavy duty motors)- Without Accessories

ModelDescription*TorqueNo Rotating Power3-Wire Rotating Power
T132-5XFixed speed, high torque53 IPT$655.00$755.00
T133-5XFixed speed, high torque88 IPT$775.00$875.00
T133-5X VSVariable speed, high torque72 IPT$900.00$1000.00
T134-5XFixed speed, high torque144 IPT$825.00$925.00
T135-5XFixed speed, high torque260 IPT$875.00$975.00
T135-5X VSVariable Speed, high torque260 IPT$1035.00$1135.00

*Torque ratings are the motor torque in inch pounds or IPT. 

display rotator plug and play
Semco compact turntables for rotating signs and displays
Trade show display turntable
Tradeshow hangers for rotating indoor displays

Trade Show and Chandelier Rotators – Pre-wired 

Power cords, louver covers, etc.
ModelMax WeightDescriptionCost
T63-0 HR100 lbs / 45kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$397.00
T63-3 HR100 lbs / 45kg2 rpm Includes rotating outlet$487.00
T63-3 CH100 lbs / 45kgChandelier rotator. with L-brackets. 1.6 rpm
T100-0 HR300 lbs / 136kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$458.00
T100-3 HR300 lbs / 136kg2 rpm rotator with rotating outlet$558.00
T100-3 CH300 lbs / 136kg1.6 rpm chandelier rotator with rotating power, L-brackets$558.00
T100-0 VSR300 lbs / 136kgVariable speed rotator w/o rotating outlet$670.00
T100-3 VSR300 lbs / 136kgVariable speed rotator with rotating outlet$770.00
T5X-0 HR600 lbs / 272kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$635.00
T5X-3 HR600 lbs / 272kgRotator with rotating outlet$745.00
T5X-0 VSR600 lbs / 272kgVariable speed rotator w/o. No rotating outlet$890.00
T5X-3 VSR600 lbs / 272kgVariable speed rotator with rotating outlet$955.00

Double Output Rotators

Double output sign rotator
Double Output Rotators

External speed controls need two additional slip rings since the motor will be powered by the rings as the rotator frame turns

ModelDescriptionMax Wgt# Slip ringsCost
T63-3 DOFixed speed100lb / 45kg3$400.00
T63-3 VS DO INTVS internal speed control100lb / 45kg3$600.00
T63-5 VS DO EXTVS external speed control100lb / 45kg5$725.00
T100-3 DOFixed speed300lb / 136kg3$635.00
T100-3 VS DO INTVS Internal speed control300lb / 136kg3$835.00
T100-5 VS DO ExtVS external speed control300lb / 136kg5$955.00
T125-5X DOFixed speed, reversible600lb / 272kg3$825.00
T125-5X VS DO INTVS Internal speed control600lb / 272kg3$925.00
T125-5X VS DO EXTVS external speed control600lb / 272kg5$1050.00
Motorcycle turntables
Motorcycle Turntables
ModelMax WgtDescriptionCost Each
ZT193-01000 lb / 450 kgFixed speed motorcycle rotator 1.5 rpm NO rotating electrical power$1250.00
ZT193-31000 lb / 450 kgFixed speed motorcycle rotator with rotating electrical power$1350.00
ZT193-0 VS1000 lb / 450 kgVariable speed 1/2 - 4 rpm motorcycle rotator. NO rotating electrical power$1600.00
ZT193-3 VS1000 lb / 450 kgVariable speed 1/2 - 4 rpm motorcycle rotator. With rotating power$1700.00
CP10x131000 lb / 450 kgMatching plate with rubber top and welded studs $125.00

F-Model Rotators Over 600 lbs

Semco Turntables and rotators
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F-Model rotators mount inside of signs and displays or may be suspended for hanging displays. Frame is required for hanging.

Model - Fixed Speed*Max WeightNo Rotating power**With 3-Wire rotating power
F125600 lb / 272 kg$990.00$1200.00
FL W/O Frame1000 lb / 454 kg$1180.00$1350.00
FL With Frame1000 lb / 454 kg$1265.00$1385.00
FG-200 W/O Frame1500 lb / 680 kg$1375.00$1500.00
FG-200 With Frame1500 lb / 680 kg$1500.00$1750.00
FG-243 W/O Frame2000 lb / 907 kg$1775.00$1895.00
FG-243 With Frame2000 lb / 907 kg$1800.00$1965.00
FG-293 W/O Frame2500 lb / 1134 kg$2200.00$2375.00
FG-293 With Frame2500 lb / 1134 kg$2375.00$2495.00
FG-343 W/O Frame3000 lb / 1360 kg$2795.00$2900.00
FG-343 With Frame3000 lb / 1360 kg$2975.00$3125.00

*Balanced loads

**For additional slip-rings add $60 per ring

All F-Model rotators listed above can be equipped with variable speed motors and controllers. Please call for pricing.

T-Model Rotators Over 600 lbs

T-Model Rotators

T-Models are floor or pole mounted. Signs and displays mount to the turntable plate.

Model*Max WgtNo Rotating Power**3-wire Rotating Power
T125 Figure 5600 lb / 272 kg$1050.00$1150.00
TL1000 lb / 454 kg$1175.00$1350.00
TG-2001500 lb / 680 kg$1400.00$1560.00
TG-2432000 lb / 907 kg$1475.00$1675.00
TG-2932500 lb / 1134 kg$1985.00$2250.00
TG-3433000 lb / 1360 kg$2790.00$3025.00

*Balanced loads

** For more than 3 slip-rings add $60 per ring

All T-Model rotators listed above can be equipped with variable speed motors and controllers. Please call for pricing.