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Indoor Turntable Accessory Pricing

Indoor turntable accessory pricing  – these accessories help save you time and money to protect the turntable electrical components and to save time with your installation. The key accessories include steel louver covers, turntable matching plates, internal retaining rings and eyebolts for hanging, L-brackets, male and female power cords, speed dials, switches, etc.

We recommend accessories when the rotator is installed in the open or outside a cabinet. The steel louver covers make your rotator a safe junction box where you connect incoming and outgoing power wiring. See the images below as examples of some of the accessories used on our compact and large sized rotators. 

Turntable with variable speed control
Louver covers, speed dial, male cord
Display turntable accessories
matching plates weld to sign pole and mount to turntable plate
Motorcycle turntable
Covers, L-brackets, external control
Trade show display turntable
Louvers, eyebolts, internal retaining ring
DMX controlled Compact turntables add motion
Special sleeve, DMX controls

Compact Rotator Accessories

PartDescriptionCost Each
LC 63Louver Cover T63$12.00
LC100Louver Cover T100$15.00
LC125Louver Cover T125$18.00
LC130Louver Cover T130$20.00
CP3Companion Plate w/studs T63$18.00
CP4Companion Plate T100$20.00
CP4.5Companion Plate T125 - T130$25.00
PCM-6Male Power Cord 6ft$12.00
PCF-1Female power cord$22.00
LB3L-Bracket T63$12.00
LB4L-Bracket T100$15.00
LB4.5L-Bracket T125-T130$18.00