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Large Floor Mount Turntables

sign revolving motor
T-Models mount below the sign or display
Semco Turntables and rotators
F-Model mount inside or above sign or display
How are large indoor display rotators used?

We call these large floor mounted turntables but They can be used for hanging displays, indoor signs, or just about any large display. These large rotators are made for displays that are very heavy or require high torque. Semco T and F-Series rotators are made of heavy steel frames and large steel bearings to support the large size and heavy loads.  We us a separate motor and gear reducer drive system to generate a very high torque levels.

These models will handle up to 3000 lbs with our stock rotators and much heavier loads with custom models.

These turntables are often used in large hanging displays with either continuous rotation or oscillating – back and forth movement. Options include variable speed using motor controls or using DMX controls. These can also be equipped with rotating HDMI and VGA video signals.

T-Model turntables are floor mounted or pole mounted and work well for turntables, heavy displays that are placed on top of the rotator’s turntable plate. Slip ring assemblies may be used when you need to have power running to the display as it turns. These may also be equipped with an additional video slip ring assembly so you can add video monitors to your display and have the video signal located in a remote location. Video displays with audio are often used in casinos as part of a larger display. We recommend placing the full weight of the display on the rotator whenever possible.  

F-Model rotators are usually hidden inside the sign or display. These are kind of like upside down T-Model units. When the bottom turntable plate is fastened to a pole or base of display, the frame turns. 

When the rotator frame is suspended from the ceiling, beams, or overhead rigging the turntable plate will turn. Hanging signs and displays or very large chandeliers can be hung from these rotators