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Original Equipment Manufacturing - OEM

Machining, welding, fabrication, coating and assembly 
CNC milling and turning

Here are a few examples of products we make for other companies that are used for resale. We would be happy to be your equipment supplier too.

Trade show rotating display
OEM Display Rotators - Resellers

some of our rotators are custom made to meet our customer’s specs on a product line they want to use with their label. We may make specific changes that eliminate parts they may not need thus driving down manufacturing costs and giving our resellers a competitive edge.

We do the same thing on other products besides our rotators

scaffolding accessories
Scaffolding Accessories

Scaffolding Accessories

Scaffold Frame Racks securely hole 25 frame racks. These are used for transport and in the equipment yard to securely hold frames. They also make it easy to get a quick count of your inventory.

Other scaffolding equipment includes boiler brackets, beams, and building equipment to customer’s engineered specifications. We also modify 

Sign equipment
Sign frames and structural parts

Sign equipment machining, welding, powder coating and assembly.

Being involved with many sign and display companies we find opportunities to help our customers by doing some of their machining and assembly work for them. Their machines are designed for building sheet metal signs and graphics using their CNC routers. Thicker aluminum and steel plates and tubes are better run on CNC mills and lathes. We were able to free up their machines to do what they do best – build signs and displays and we build the heavier interior framework. 

Solar powered machine
New product design and fabrication

Self powered Farm equipment.

We enjoy being the “machining department” for our customers. One customer in particular is continuously coming up with new and creative ways to be a leader in their industry. From an idea to a cardboard model our customer envisioned a machine to be solar powered, house car batteries to hold a charge in poor weather that could be used on farms and agricultural companies without the need for connecting to electrical power.

From design to fabrication we were able to help them produce prototypes and machines to meet their needs.

If you have ideas of projects you would like to build but don’t have all the resources you need we may be able to help you. Give us call or send us an email and share your ideas with us. We are happy to sign non-disclosure statements so you can feel safe knowing your design is secure. Many of our machining customers request this of us to ensure their R & D investment stays secure.

Larsen Mfg CNC machining for mining industry
Water treatment test hardware

Problem solving

Many times it is the worker with hands on experience who finds a solution to a problem or finds a better way to get the job done. There have been countless inventions made this way.

Often our customers will send us parts they developed but don’t really have the time or resources to make the parts themselves. They want to do what they do best and focus on their areas of expertise.