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Outdoor Sign Rotator Pricing

To determine the type of sign rotator you need  click the link (info on outdoor sign rotators). This page has illustrations and calculators so you can determine the size and type of rotator you need. 
T-Model rotators mount underneath the sign
 We call this Figure 5
Price includes steel louver covers
Figure 5, T-model
Includes 3-wire Slip Ring
Weight CapacityFigure 5 Price
TS600 lbs / 272 KG$1400
TM750 lbs / 340 KG$1550
TL1000 lbs / 453 KG$1725
TG-2001500 lbs / 680 KG$1965
TG-2432000 lbs / 907 KG$2300
TG-2932500 lbs / 1133 KG$2775
TG-3433000 lbs / 1360 KG$3820
TG-3933500 lbs / 1587 KG$4150
F-Model rotators mount inside the sign 
Figure 1 mounts in top of sign
Figure 1A mounts in bottom of sign
Semco Sign Installation drawing
Figure 1 (left)...............Figure 1A (Right)
ModelFig 1 W/O FrameFig 1 W/FrameFig 1A W/O FrameFig 1A W/Frame
ModelPrice without U-channel frameMax Weight of Sign (LBS)Max Length of Sign (Ft)Max Area of Sign (sq ft)
FG-293-20$5800 440020200
FG-293-24$6900 440024280
FG-293-30$7700 440030400
FG-343-20$6900 880020200
FG-343-24$8000 880024280
FG-343-30$9500 880030400
FG-393-20$8750 1200020200
FG-393-24$9250 1200024280
FG-393-30$10850 1200030400

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F-Model Rotators – Inside Sign Mounting Figure 1 and 1A