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Replacement Part Pricing

Many of the parts on our rotators are readily available. Most parts on the rotators can be replaced including replacement brushes, belts, gear motors and regular motors, speed controls, bearings, gears reducers, collector assemblies, etc. 

It is best to contact us for pricing so we can match up the parts with your model rotator, and because of the market volatility. We listed some of our standard parts that are more commonly replaced but we can help you with your specific rotator when you call or email us. 

Semco Rotators will have a serial number tag with model and serial number. The tag is black and silver and located inside the rotator frame or on the outside with most indoor models. If you cannot find a tag, send us a photo if possible, or any measurements you may have. Our rotator models are based on the shaft size at the largest bearing. If you have problems identifying the rotator please contact us and we will try to help you with whatever parts you need. 

Some, if not most of the older rotator companies are no longer in business but we have helped with custom machining or parts to help people get their old rotators up and running. We still run into customers who have some of our equipment from the 1960’s and have helped them so feel free to contact us if you need help.

Part NumberDescriptionRotator TypeCost Each
1/2x1/2 Brush 20A1/2" brush with spring 20A ratingLarge rotators$22.00
5/16 x 5/16 Brush 15A5/16" brush with spring 15ACompact rotators/some indoor units$16.00
XL Timing BeltXL timing belt for T125-5XIndoor, compact$9.00
High Speed Belt up to 40"V- Belt, usually coggedIndoor / outdoor Large units$16.00
Low Speed Belt up to 35"V-Belt, single beltIndoor / outdoor type A or B$18.00
Large Power Band BeltsMulti V-belt, heavy dutyOutdoor, large unitsCall for pricing
3202 AC MotorT63 motor, bracket, 12T SprocketCompact indoor$245.00
2602 AC MotorT100 motor,bracket, 12T
Compact indoor$265.00
6011 AC MotorT125-5X ,motor, bracket, Timing pulleyCompact Indoor$150.00
1/4HP AC MotorT and F model rotatorsIndoor / outdoor$195.00

If you need help putting your rotator back together, performing maintenance, or need advice on your next project please contact us. We enjoy working with you to complete your most creative projects.