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Revolving Chandeliers

Revolving chandelier
Is it possible to rotate my chandelier?

We can help you convert your regular, stationary chandeliers and hanging lighting to amazing, attention getting, motorized, revolving lights. Show off details in your artistic lighting by having it slowly revolve using our quiet, high capacity display rotators. Especially useful when your lighting is very detailed and unique. If you have to walk around to notice different aspects or details of your lighting than what better way to show it off than by having it slowly revolve. We have several types of rotators based on the size and weight of your chandelier or lighting. 

Our T63-3 rotator is ideal for most rotators. The 100 lb capacity rotator provides slow, smooth, and very quiet rotation. Forged rotating eye, steel covers, one or two power cords for incoming power included.

The T100-3CH (model pictured) has 300 lb weight capacity. It also has a very quiet motor. Of course if you need more weight capacity, up to 3000 lbs. 

There are a few ways to hang chandelier rotators and to wire for power depending on the type of structure you have to work with and if you want to use a dimmer switch. See options below when ordering and feel free to call us if you have questions.

Options include:

  • One or two incoming power cords.
  • L-brackets, Eyebolts or custom suspension parts
  • rotation speed (1.5 rpm standard)
  • Variable speed motors for 1/2 to 4 rpm speeds. 
  • Dimmers – if you wish to use a dimmer switch for the lighting you will require two input AC power cords
  • For independent control of motor and lighting use two input power cords
  • Extended rotating shaft available for mounting above ceiling (attic)


ModelMax WeightDescriptionCost
T63-0 HR100 lbs / 45kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$530.00
T63-3 HR100 lbs / 45kg2 rpm rotator with rotating outlet$650.00
T63-3 CH100 lbs / 45kg1.6 rpm chandelier rotator with rotating power, L-brackets$650.00
T63-0 VSR100 lbs / 45kgVariable speed rotator w/o rotating outlte$625.00
T63-3 VSR100 lbs / 45kgVariable speed rotator with rotating outlet$725.00
T100-0 HR300 lbs / 136kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$630.00
T100-3 HR300 lbs / 136kg2 rpm rotator with rotating outlet$730.00
T100-3 CH300 lbs / 136kg1.6 rpm chandelier rotator with rotating power, L-brackets$730.00
T100-0 VSR300 lbs / 136kgVariable speed rotator w/o rotating outlet$750.00
T100-3 VSR300 lbs / 136kgVariable speed rotator with rotating outlet$850.00
T5X-0 HR600 lbs / 272kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$650.00
T5X-3 HR600 lbs / 272kgRotator with rotating outlet$790.00
T5X-0 VSR600 lbs / 272kgVariable speed rotator w/o. No rotating outlet$890.00
T5X-3 VSR600 lbs / 272kgVariable speed rotator with rotating outlet$975.00


revolving chandeliers

Hanging rotators are designed for hanging loads. If you have a project requiring large or heavy hanging loads we would be happy to work with you. Most of our rotators can be modified in order to hang your sign, chandelier, or display.