Slip Rings – make your own rotating power supply

A slip ring and brush assembly is a way to transfer electricity from a stationary source to a rotating object without tangling wires.

The carbon brush carries electricity to the ring, as the ring turns it continuously rubs against the brush, the power from the brush transfers to the ring and then sends power up thought the wires connected to the ring. The brush has a spring inside that keeps it pressing against the ring so power is not interrupted. We have two standard sizes of bore, 5/8″ and 1″. We can custom make larger slip-ring assemblies up to 4″ ID

Semco Motion slip rings and collector assemblies
Slip Rings

In-House Manufacturing

We machine and build our slip ring and brush assemblies in house using bronze rings and carbon brushes. Customers will use these to retrofit older non-Semco rotators or for building special projects that require a rotating electrical circuit. Most circuits use three wires or 3-rings, some displays will use many more depending amperage and control of individual objects powered by the slip rings.

Our slip ring assemblies may work for your project and are custom made depending on your required amperage and space to house the components.

Please contact us with details on your project and we can give you information and pricing to best fit your needs.