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Slip Rings – rotating power supply

Semco Motion slip rings and collector assemblies
Slip Rings

Rotate electricity without tangled wires using Semco Motion’s slip rings and brushes. 

Our slip rings and brushes provided you with a stationary end, and a rotating end.

incoming power connects to the stationary end, and your display is powered by the rotating end. So you can add lights or electricity whether your display is motorized or not. You can add lighting to windmills and other wind driven objects, store displays such as turntables or hanging fixtures. Spin 360 degrees in either direction continuously. Our slip rings, also known as collectors, or rotating unions provide you with a simple solution to add power to your product line.

We offer standard sizes of bore, 5/8″ and 1″ to fit outside of shaft. 

We also provide custom size slip-ring assemblies up to 4″ inside diameter.

From 10 to 100 Amps per ring. 

Replacement parts

Almost all of our rotators use one of three size slip ring assemblies based on power requirement and shaft size. The assembly is designed so the carbon brushes are softer than the rings. This way the brushes wear out and not the bronze rings. Spring loaded brushes maintain good contact with the rings and will typically last over five years. Replacement is simple and can be done on the job site. Most indoor and outdoor rotators use the same type of replacement brushes.

In-House Manufacturing

We machine and build our slip ring and brush assemblies in house using bronze rings and carbon brushes. Customers use these to retrofit older non-Semco rotators or for building special projects that require a rotating electrical circuit. Most circuits use three wires or 3-rings, some displays will use many more depending amperage and control of individual objects powered by the slip rings.

Our slip ring assemblies may work for your project and are custom made depending on your required amperage and space to house the components.

Please contact us with details on your project and we can give you information and pricing to best fit your needs.