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Semco T100-5C Compact Display Rotator with 300 lb capacity

Semco compact display turntables add motion to your products
Semco 300 lb capacity display turntable

The compact and versatile T100-5C display rotator is one of our favorite models and can be mounted in any position. It is strong, quiet, and long lasting even when it is running 24 hour a day.

The Semco compact rotator model T100-5C has a 300 lb capacity and make it easy for you to add motion to your signs, displays, and products you sell.  Equipped with a heavy duty steel frame and a very quiet motor this turntable is ideal for making your smaller indoor displays stand out from regular static displays. The T100-5C is versatile sign and display rotator and works well with all kinds of displays; it is used extensively in gaming, trade shows, retail, commercial, and even household applications. This model is time tested in the all kinds of displays and signs. It is simple to wire or can be purchased pre-wired. See the specifications below for more information on this popular rotator.


  • Model:      T100-5C              
  • Weight Capacity:   300 lbs
  • Speed:   2 rpm standard
  • Motor:   115V .5 amps
  • Slip-ring assy:  3-ring standard, 15A per ring (wire)
  • Frame:   welded steel 
  • Shaft: high strength 1144 steel
  • Bearings:   Steel roller bearings
  • Shipping weight:  16 lbs
Drawing T100-5C rotator

We recommend having a balanced load. Lighter, top heavy or cantilevered loads may cause the motor to stall or may damage the motor. 

Make sure the rotator is fastened to floor or is secured from tipping, especially with tall signs or displays. Not recommended for wall mounting.

Note: Please specify if the rotator will be used for hanging displays, these applications require special safety features for hanging the weight from the main shaft.