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T130 Series High Torque Rotators

High torque rotator
high torque display rotator

Semco T130 series high torque rotators are equipped with larger sized gear-motors to provide higher torque necessary for some displays. Extra torque overcomes the resistance of out of balance loads, drag, or higher speeds that motor power to make your display rotate.

These rotators are typically driven with a V-belt drive and are available in fixed or variable speed versions. The belt drive gives high torque and grip but can slip to protect the motor if necessary.

Slip rings: Each model can be used with or without a slip ring assembly. Models listed below with a -0, do not have a slip ring assembly and models with -3 include a 3-ring (3-wire) slip ring assembly similar to the rotator picture above. 3 wires will give you hot, neutral, and ground wires that will turn with your display. If you require more than three rotating wires let us know; we can provide up to seven rings or more if your display needs them.

High torque: With the models listed below we include the motor torque in Inch Pounds (IPT). Standard T125-5X rotator motors provide around 50 IPT. High torque models range from 72 to 260 IPT.

Higher torque is provided by using larger gear motors. The frame dimensions will vary base on the gear motor size.

T130 Series Display Rotators

Rotator  Dimensions
Semco T130 Series turntable drawing

T130 Pricing – Rotators Without Accessories

ModelDescription*TorqueNo Rotating Power3-Wire Rotating Power
T132-5XFixed speed, high torque53 IPT$655.00$755.00
T133-5XFixed speed, high torque88 IPT$775.00$875.00
T133-5X VSVariable speed, high torque72 IPT$900.00$1000.00
T134-5XFixed speed, high torque144 IPT$825.00$925.00
T135-5XFixed speed, high torque260 IPT$875.00$975.00
T135-5X VSVariable Speed, high torque260 IPT$1035.00$1135.00
Rotator ModelH Dimension (inches)OAH DimensionL - Length
T133-5X8 1/411 1/410
T133-5X VS8 1/211 1/211
T134-5X8 1/211 1/211 1/2
T135-5X9 3/412 3/411 1/2
T135-5X VS9 3/412 3/411 1/2

*Torque: The rotator’s torque is determined by the size of the gearmotor and the output speed. Increasing speed will decrease torque. Higher rotational loads require more torque as do out of balance loads or loads with roller support. Rollers add drag against the motor.