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T63 Variable Speed Turntable

Turntable with variable speed control
Semco T63 VS variable speed turntable for displays and signs

The T63 Variable speed rotator is our smallest rotator and is capable of rotating displays weighting up to 100 lbs. The speed dial is mounted to the frame of the rotator and allows adjusting the rotation speed from 1/2 to approximately 4 rpm.

This small rotator has a footprint of 3″ x 7″ and stands approximately 7″ tall. 

Options include rotating power, louver covers, L-brackets, eyebolts, cords, plugs, switches, etc.

This model is equipped with an internal retaining ring so may be mounted in any direction including hanging displays.

Specifications for Semco T63 Variable Speed Rotators
  • Model: T63-0, T63-3 Variable speed
  • Motor: non-reversible shaded pole 115VAC 1.5A – 230 to 115V step-down transformer required for 230VAC
  • Weight capacity 600 lbs (mounted as pictured)
  • Speed: 2 rpm standard
  • Collector – optional 3-ring, 15A. May be equipped with up to 5 rings
  • High strength 1144 steel shaft
  • Rotation direction CW (CCW when inverted)
  • Shipping weight 8 lbs
  • Base plate and turntable plate through holes and threaded holes in ends of frame for mounting