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Video Display Rotators

Add rotation to your video display
Semco Video Turntables
indoor display turntable for turning VGA and HDMI video signs and displays

Our customers needed help to have video monitors play in their displays as the whole display was revolving. This meant adding a special slip ring assembly that would carry all the signal wires needed for video. Some of these displays needed monitors placed back to back, on three or even four sides along with the standard lighting, all of them rotating and with the option of adding sound. We came up with a modular system using common connectors and incorporated them into our heavy duty sign rotators. We adapt most of our rotator models to turn video along with AC or even DC power.

Semco video display rotators give you a way to spin your video monitors continuously without tangling wires. By using high quality gold-plated slip rings we provide high definition video signals. First, our video rotators are affordable, second, they are easy to connect to your display, and third, we offer them in many different sizes.  Often the video monitor is imbedded inside signs or lighted displays all powered by the rotator’s AC power slip rings. 

Our standard models provide VGA video and stereo audio and we provide VGA to Cat5 adapters for simple plug and play connections. HDMI versions also include stereo as well as a second Cat5 cable for control data or VGA video. And, depending on your design, the rotators may be installed inside the display, hang from overhead structures or may be mounted to the floor. Because we do all machining and fabrication in house, we provide you with multiple mounting options and customization to suite your project.

We would be happy to discuss your project with you and see if we can help you make amazing revolving video displays. Speed control and DMX control models may also work with your video display – contact us for more information.