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Compact Rotator Accessories

Compact sign rotator accessories save you time and money to help with your installation. Sometimes no accessories are needed such as when mounting inside cabinets or in signs. But when you need to mount the rotator to a sign pole, need to cover the rotator, or attach the display to the turntable plate these accessories save you time and provide a precise fit. Accessories include louver covers, L-brackets, eyebolts, matching plates, switches, speed controls, etc


Display turntable accessories
Standard sizes or custom fit to your requirements
DMX controlled rotator
Shown with DMX control and rotating AC

Examples of display rotators equipped with accessories including steel louver covers, AC power cords with male plugs and female receptacles, eyebolts, special mounting plates, and L-brackets for mounting to ceilings or cabinets. We do all machining in house and can also make custom turntable plates, special drilling or other mounting hardware.