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Indoor Display Turntables

Semco Indoor display turntables
Semco compact display turntables add motion to your products
Compact Rotators
sign revolving motor
T-Model - Floor Mount
Inside Mount Semco Rotators
F-Model - Inside Mount and Hanging

Compact and Standard Rotators (turntables)

Compact: Indoor sign and display rotators are separated into two groups, compact and standard. Constructed of welded steel frames, our compact rotators allow mounting in any direction. Typically driven by gear-motors, these revolving units fit smaller sized displays up to 600 lbs. Compact rotators include a turntable plate but we can also customize plates or use collars or straight shafts.

Standard: T-Model large frame rotators use large gear reducer to provide much higher torque than gear-motors. T-Model rotators with the turntable plate on top of the rotator mount below the sign or display. Simply attach the rotator to the floor or to a sign pole. Run power up to motor and slip ring assembly then attach the display to the turntable plate. Your display will rotate and light up without tangled wires. We can provide three or more rotating wires to meet your power requirements.

Standard F-Model rotators are similar to T-Model units but mount inside the sign or display. The motor is powered by the slip rings along with lighting. These types of rotators work well for large hanging displays too. 

All models include fixed speed motors and we can equip most with variable speed motors too. 

The thumbnail images below show the most popular rotators.

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Semco Compact Display Turntables
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Large Floor Mount and Hanging Turntables 600 lbs to 3000 lbs

Semco T-Model Turntables
600 to 3000 lb floor mount turntables
Semco F-Model large indoor rotator
600 to 3000 lb hanging rotators

Indoor rotators are normally smaller than outdoor rotators and are usually sized on the display’s weight.

If the sign is out of balance than we recommend increasing the rotator size for more power or torque to prevent stalling.