Plug and Play Pre-Wired Trade Show Rotators

Semco hanging display rotators
Hanging rotators often used at trade shows
display rotator plug and play
Table top rotators

We pre-wire our plug and play rotators and add accessories you need for your next trade show or display project. These can be equipped with rotating electrical cords so you can power up your display lighting and show off your work.

Most times these are used with eyebolts but we can also make them with turntable plates and L-brackets.

Compact rotators come in three sizes base on weight capacity:

  • T63:   100 lbs/ 45kg
  • T100: 300 lbs / 136kg
  • T125 : 600 lbs / 272kg

These come in fixed speed and variable speed

Plug and play rotators include are prewired and include the following accessories:

  • 6ft male power cord
  • Female (rotating) on specified models
  • Rotating eyebolt
  • (4) suspension eyebolts
  • Steel covers
  • Options include direction switches, speed controls, L-brackets, turntable plate
Pricing for Semco Compact Plug and Play Rotators
ModelMax WeightDescriptionCost
T63-0 HR100 lbs / 45kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$397.00
T63-3 HR100 lbs / 45kg2 rpm Includes rotating outlet$487.00
T63-3 CH100 lbs / 45kgChandelier rotator. with L-brackets. 1.6 rpm
T100-0 HR300 lbs / 136kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$458.00
T100-3 HR300 lbs / 136kg2 rpm rotator with rotating outlet$558.00
T100-3 CH300 lbs / 136kg1.6 rpm chandelier rotator with rotating power, L-brackets$558.00
T100-0 VSR300 lbs / 136kgVariable speed rotator w/o rotating outlet$670.00
T100-3 VSR300 lbs / 136kgVariable speed rotator with rotating outlet$770.00
T5X-0 HR600 lbs / 272kg2 rpm rotator w/o rotating outlet$635.00
T5X-3 HR600 lbs / 272kgRotator with rotating outlet$745.00
T5X-0 VSR600 lbs / 272kgVariable speed rotator w/o. No rotating outlet$890.00
T5X-3 VSR600 lbs / 272kgVariable speed rotator with rotating outlet$955.00

Speed control models are equipped with internal speed control board and speed dial on the rotator frame.  For external speed control box and cable add $30.00. Please specify if you need an external box when ordering