Motorcycle Turntables

Semco ZT193 motorcycle turntables were designed by the request of motorcycle owners. They told us they need a heavy duty, low profile turntable. We designed and built a turntable based on our tried and true belt drive system and standard steel turntable plate. Revolving motorcycle spinners will instantly attract people’s attention to your motorcycles.

Weighing in at about 150 lbs, this heavy steel rotator is stable and has a very high torque limit compared to smaller, lighter tables we have seen. Our fixed or variable speed rotators easily turn heavy road bikes, choppers, trikes, ATV’s and snowmobiles. This versatile turntable works equally well in store displays, gaming, staging, and even on special show props to turn people. 

The fixed speed rotator turns at approximately 1.5 rpm. Variable speed turns from .5 to 5 rpm. We recommend the variable speed when you will use the ZT193 for multiple bikes or displays. You can request these rotators with or without rotating electrical wiring to power the display as it is turning. We use bronze rings and carbon/copper brushes for long lasting rotating electrical power.

Semco Sign and Display Turntable
Fixed Speed ZT193
Motorcycle turntable
Speed Control ZT193-VS
ModelMax Wgt DescriptionCost Each
ZT193-01000 lb / 450 kgFixed speed motorcycle rotator 1.5 rpm NO rotating electrical power$1085.00
ZT193-31000 lb / 450 kgFixed speed motorcycle rotator with rotating electrical power$1210.00
ZT193-0 VS1000 lb / 450 kg0-4 rpm Variable speed rotator. NO rotating electrical power$1400.00
ZT193-3 VS1000 lb / 450 kg0-4 rpm Variable speed rotator. With rotating electrical power$1485.00

The Semco ZT193 motorcycle is competitively priced to to other motorcycle turntables but built to be much more robust. We use heavy welded steel compared to sheet metal or cast iron to provide a stable platform that supports large, heavy loads. We build these for continuous operation, 24 hours a day. 

Mounting a Motorcycle to Semco Turntable

Illustration Images of how motorcycles displays are typically used. The motorcycle to the right is resting directly on the the accessory matching plate shown below. 

We do not make the finished turntable tops as they vary in design from one customer to another. The image on the right shows a motorcycle supported by its wheels. Your table top mounts directly to the rotator turntable plate.

The companion matching plate shown below fits on the rotator’s turntable and is large enough to set the motor cycle frame on top of the plate. The rubber top protects the paint on the motorcycle frame. 


Motorcycle turntables
Semco Motorcycle Turntables
Semco Motorcycle turntable drawing
Semco motorcycle turntable ZT193
  • Standard rotation speed 1.5 rpm, CW rotation. (reversible motor)
  • Drive: 115VAC 60hz motor, worm gear reducer, V-belts
  • Speed control versions: 90VDC motor with external control box, 115VAC input. .5 to 4 rpm speed
  • Optional 3-ring slip ring assembly with 12″ cable and female receptacle (rotating)
  • 150 lb weight. Ships via ground freight on a pallet
  • May be run continuously
  • 2-year warranty on parts
Motorcycle mounting plate

10 x 13″ steel matching plate with rubber top is designed to support the bottom frame of the motorcycle. The motorcycle frame rests on top of this rubber-topped steel plate.

See illustration above (right).