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Double Output Turntables

Double output sign rotator
How double output turntables work

Double output turntables allow you to build displays with three signs stacked vertically and rotate only the center sign.  The center sign frame is connected to the rotator frame. Only the sign connected to the rotator frame will turn. The revolving sign and rotator motor will be powered by the brush assembly that will circle around the collector rings as it turns. Many of our rotators can be adapted for double output rotation. The rotator shaft becomes a connector for the sign pole above and below. Only the middle sign will turn. Lighting for all signs may be carried up though the rotator’s shaft.

For more information on double output rotators please call or email us and we would be happy to help you.

Semco rotating sign units
Double Output Rotator

Here is an example of a large outdoor sign using a double output rotator. The sign is wall mounted with arms coming out from the building and connecting to the sign poles that are fastened to the upper and lower turntable plates.