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Outdoor Sign Rotators – Figure 5

Designed to mount on top of the sign pole and below the sign to turn and power your sign.

T Model Sign Rotators

T-Model rotators are designed to meet wind loading and the sign weight. The bending moment is the key factor in determining the rotating unit size. Use the formula below if you wish to determine the recommended rotator size.

Calculate your rotator size or call us and we let us do it for you.

How to determine proper rotator size 
Semco Outdoor sign rotator size formula

How to calculate the recommenced rotator size

  • First, calculate the “V” using the simple formula below.
  • Check for the rotator model with a “V” value higher than the number you calculate with the formula
  • Check to make sure the rotator with proper “V” value has the weight capacity for your sign. If not, choose a larger rotator with higher weight capacity.
  • Check the maximum sign length too. Choose a rotator with a high enough capacity for your sign length.

To calculate “V” Value multiply area of sign by 1/2 sign height (D) above the rotator’s turntable plate in ft. See warning below and double check with us to be safe.

Example 1: 1000 lb sign measuring 10ft wide x 5ft tall  = 50 sq ft x (D) 2.5 = 125(V) The recommended rotator is the TG200 because the sign length is under 12ft, the weight is under 1500 lbs, and the value of 180 is higher than the calculated sign value of 125.

Example 2: 1000 lb sign, measuring 5ft wide x 10ft tall = 50 sq ft x 5 (D) = 250(V). The recommended rotator is the TG-243. Taller signs have higher bending loads.

Check the rotator chart below to make sure you first meet the wind loads (V) value above.
Check the weight limit and if necessary, choose a larger rotator with a high enough load capacity.
Check to make sure the rotator meets the maximum sign length.


*Warning: Using a rotator that does not meet wind, sign area, and weight loads can cause the sign to fall resulting in property damage, injury or death. Please confirm the sign size, shape, and weight when inquiring or purchasing a rotator. Our sizing is based on information you give us.

Fig 5 Rotator Sizing Chart

Rotator ModelMax Sign Length*ValueSign Weight CapacityMax Bending Moment LBS
TS8ft (2.4m)30300 lbs / 136kg600
TM8ft (2.4m)45600 lbs / 272kg900
TL8ft (2.4m)751000 lbs / 450kg1550
TG20012ft (3.6m)1801500 lbs / 680kg3620
TG24312ft (3.6m)3502000 lbs / 907kg7000
TG29315ft (4.6m)6202500 lbs / 1134kg12400