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T125-5X VS Variable Speed Rotator

600 lb variable speed display rotator
T125-5X Variable Speed Rotator

The T125-5X VS variable speed rotator is equipped with a speed control dial and allows you to set the speed from .5 to approximately 4 rpm. 

Hi torque and variable speed make this a very versatile rotator for all kinds of projects. The model pictured is usually installed in a cabinet our enclosure and power connections are hard wired usually inside the steel frame of the rotator. Other versions of this same model are used for hanging displays, trade shows, and chandeliers.


  • Model:      T125-5X VS Variable speed              
  • Weight Capacity:   600 lbs
  • Speed:   .5 to 4 rpm standard
  • Motor:   115V 1 amp input to internal 24VDC transformer
  • Slipring assy:  Optional. 3-ring standard, 15A per ring (wire)
  • Frame:   Welded steel
  • Bearings:   Steel roller bearings
  • Shipping weight:  30 lbs
  • PC Board Speed control
  • Input power 115VAC, 24VDC transformer to motor
  • Speed dial on frame
  • Accessories: Louver covers, male/female power cords and plugs, matching plates, L-brackets

We recommend having a balanced load. Lighter, top heavy or cantilevered loads may cause the motor to stall or may damage the motor. 

Make sure the rotator is fastened to floor or is secured from tipping, especially with tall signs or displays. Not recommended for wall mounting.