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T125-5X 600lb / 272 kg Capacity Rotator

Medium duty compact turntable with fixed speed and fixed direction motor
  • Heavy, welded steel frame
  • Steel roller bearings top and bottom
  • Continuous use motor
  • Multiple mounting positions
  • *May be machined for hanging loads
  • Great torque for its size
  • Can be modified for OEM
  • 15 or 20A slip ring assemblies available
  • Accessories include covers, power cords, switches, timers, limit switches, etc.
Semco Heavy duty turntable
T125-5X Fixed Speed Rotator


  • Model: T125-5X 
  • Motor: non-reversible shaded pole 115VAC 1.5A 
  • Weight capacity 600 lbs (mounted as pictured)
  • Speed: 2 rpm standard
  • Collector 3-ring, 15A. May be equipped with up to 7 rings)
  • High strength 1144 steel shaft
  • Rotation direction CW (CCW when inverted)
  • Shipping weight 30 lbs
  • Base plate and turntable plate through holes and threaded holes in ends of frame for mounting
600 lb capacity turntable drawing

We recommend you balance the display weight. Lighter, top heavy or cantilevered loads may cause the motor to stall or may damage the motor. 

Make sure the rotator is fastened to floor or is secured from tipping, especially with tall signs or displays. Not recommended for wall mounting.