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T125-5X R - 600 lb Capacity

Induction Motor 

The standard T125-5XR is equipped with an induction motor allowing you to run in either direction. These rotators are available in 115VAC or 230VAC for use anywhere in the world.

Display Rotators induction motor
display rotator with induction motor

Induction motors offer high torque and very quiet operation. The T125-5X R has the same torque output as our standard model. When use similar, but larger, induction motors on our high torque T130 series rotators. Induction motors are more complex to build than shaded pole motors so the cost for these rotators is higher than the standard rotators.

600 lb capacity turntable drawing
Semco T125 Compact Rotator Dimensions
  • Model: T125-5X R
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs / 272kg
  • Input power: Either 115V or 230V single phase
  • motor torque 53 inch pounds
  • *Slip rings: 15A standard, 3-wire
  • Shipping wgt: 28 lbs
  • Accessories: Power cords, plugs, louver covers, matching plates, special drilling, switches, relays, L-brackets

We recommend having a balanced load. Lighter, top heavy or cantilevered loads may cause the motor to stall or may damage the motor. 

Make sure the rotator is fastened to floor or is secured from tipping, especially with tall signs or displays. Not recommended for wall mounting.

*Standard slip rings are 15A, with 14GA wires. Options include higher capacity rings rated for 20A, with 12GA wires

Additional slip rings are available – See the accessory prices for more information and options